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Marble Stone Bar Sign

Marble Stone Bar Sign

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Marble Stone Bar Sign | Wedding Unique Signage | Menu sign, Drink Sign, Bar Sign

We are dedicated to providing high-quality wedding and miscellaneous signage that adds a personalized and unique touch. Our signs are designed to exceed client expectations, make that special day unforgettable, and leave lasting impressions on others.


The stone sign includes custom writing UV printed.  Each stone is very unique in size and shape, our signs measure approx. 8x10 inches. Any custom requests please let us know.

The stone will come with a clear acrylic stand with a pre-made slot, the bottom of the stone will fit snug into the acrylic stand. This will keep the stone from falling over since the stone isn't durable on its own. Each stone sign has a unique color variation and may have imperfections on each stone.

No vinyl or paint is added onto the stone.


Please provide the writing on the stone along with any custom requests. 'THE BAR' will be added unless noted otherwise.

Please message me for any custom requests.

Made to order in Delray Beach, Florida.

Suitable for all occasions including Birthdays, Baptism & Christenings, Baby Showers, Weddings, & Misc. Events


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